Denim and Brass

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I got up early this morning with the intent to take the Porsche out at explore the city I live in while managing to experience some spirited driving. However, the problem with Los Angeles is actually being able to find a place that is both scenic and fun to drive (not stop and go traffic). With that criteria in mind, I headed North on the 405 to find Mulholland Dr. Traffic was light today and the tourist traffic hadn’t hit Mulholland yet. I managed to find several sections that allowed me test the 40+ year old car in all the corners. It is amazing how this car drives when you consider its age. I did notice the temp gage rising as I was climbing some of the longer hills. It was HOT out today but the car performed flawlessly. I drove the entire length of Mulholland and I do have to say, it is not the smoothest road in LA. In fact some parts managed to bounce me out of my seat and crank my skull into the roof. Perhaps I should have braked….nah.